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The best and latest from The Watcher on Tumblr is your Sunday diversion.


One World Trade Center

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Locals pass the newly built landmark with hopeful nostalgia.DSC_1993 DSC_1994

No Agenda: NYC

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Hendrick’s Presents Voyages into the Unusual

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Hendrick’s Voyages into the Unusual at Salvage One was a peculiar event indeed, with an evening of inspiring swills, curious characters and unusual enjoyments all around. Hendrick‚Äôs is a gin distilled in Scotland with curious, yet marvelous, infusions of cucumber and rose.20130917-232820.jpg 20130917-232847.jpg 20130917-232914.jpg 20130917-232955.jpg 20130917-233036.jpg 20130917-233101.jpg 20130917-233122.jpg 20130917-233317.jpg 20130917-233459.jpg 20130917-233439.jpg DSC_9798 DSC_9976 20130917-233418.jpg

The Overserved Society Presents The Boulevardier

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Blake Royer and Seth Putnam, founders of The Overserved Society, take their talents to Bang Bang Pie Shop in Logan Square to create The Boulevardier. 20130911-124433.jpg 20130911-124533.jpg 20130911-124936.jpg 20130911-125013.jpg 20130911-125051.jpg 20130911-125120.jpg

The Urban Pig Roast

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The best neighborhood bar hosts the best neighborhood block party in the best neighborhood in Chicago.

20130911-095518.jpg 20130911-095621.jpg 20130911-095708.jpg 20130911-095758.jpg 20130911-095827.jpg 20130911-095917.jpg 20130911-095955.jpg

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